Trash Service in River Run HOA

Trash service in River Run runs every Wednesday except during weeks where a holiday may delay pick up service one day.  If there is a holiday on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, trash service will be delayed one day and pick up will be on Thursday of the holiday week.  If the holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday in a given week, trash pick up day will be on the regular scheduled day.

Covenant Regarding Trash

Covenant Section 6.5 Outside Storage says:  All clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, service yards, wood piles or storage piles shall be kept from view of neighboring homes and streets. All rubbish , trash or garbage shall be regularly removed from the premises, and shall not be allowed to accumulate there on. Trash must be stored in enclosed containers.

Trash Container storage

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)


This is the first method of choice for storing your trash cans if you can't store your trash cans in your garage.  You can get it at Lowes,  it is Suncast Model  BMS2500, Lowes item number 187365.  This item can also be purchased at Menards their item # 1932692, model BMS4700 Suncast The Stowaway horizontal storage.  These can be picked up in store or ordered online.  Please check store inventory before you go to pick one up as they have sold a large number of this item in the last 30 days.

Enclosed Storage Closed View


This is the preferred option shown closed with trash cans inside.  All trash is to be stored in an enclosed container per the RRHOA Covenants.

Another Option


This is another option to put your trash cans out of sight.  Make sure you submit your Architectural Request Form prior to starting your project.

Yet Another Option


This option is another available, but will take a little longer with a little more labor and material costs involved.  Again, don't forget to submit your Architectural Request through the owner portal.