Trash Can Storage Options

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)

Lowes Item #187365 for sale at for $62.25

This is the first method of choice for storing your trash cans if you can't store your trash cans in your garage.  You can get it at Lowes,  it is Suncast Model  BMS2500, Lowes item number 187365.  This item can also be purchased at Menards their item # 1932692, model BMS4700 Suncast The Stowaway horizontal storage.  These can be picked up in store or ordered online.  Please check store inventory before you go to pick one up as they have sold a large number of this item in the last 30 days.

Enclosed Storage Closed View

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)

Enclosed Storage (Recommended Way)

Closed view of trash can storage container.

This is the preferred option shown closed with trash cans inside.  All trash is to be stored in an enclosed container per the RRHOA Covenants.

Another Option

Yet Another Option

Yet Another Option


This is another option to put your trash cans out of sight.  Make sure you submit your Architectural Request Form prior to starting your project.

Yet Another Option

Yet Another Option

Yet Another Option


This option is another available, but will take a little longer with a little more labor and material costs involved.  Again, don't forget to submit your Architectural Request through the owner portal.

Correct Formula for Quart Size Paint Color that is Approved for River Run Mailbox Posts.


Dutch Boy Exterior Maxbond Acrylic Latex Flat Paint

Due to the shortage of Rustoleum Spray Paint in the Color Desert Bisque, the above Paint Formula is an approved color for River Run HOA Mailbox Posts.  You can get this in 1 quart cans for around $17 at Menard's.  This formula is good for anyone that sells Dutch Boy Exterior Paints.  We will have a formula for Home Depot and Lowes as well by the Spring of 2019.

Mailbox Post Color Update


Local Hardware stores are selling out of the approved mailbox color.

The image to the right is the formula for the approved paint color for River Run HOA Mailbox Posts.  The color name is Ottos Sage Brush, which is a custom color name.  This is a Sherwin Williams Formula for a 5 gallon mix, so let the person helping you know that you only need a quart and they will be able to recalculate the proper mix for one quart.  You can also get this color at any Sherwin Williams Paint Center.  You can pull up the website on your smart phone mobile device by going to and scroll down the home page and show them the image of the formula pictured and LET THEM KNOW IT IS FOR A 5 GALLON MIX and they will convert it down to a quart.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Approved Mailboxes


Approved Mailboxes


Mailboxes in River Run have to be of the same type.  The above image is an example of an approved mailbox, post, numbering and color of the post.  Mailboxes must be Black Metal and be 21" long, 8" in width and 9 1/2" in height.  3" numbers must be on both sides of the mailbox or post and the official color is Desert Bisque and is carried by Lowes, Menards and Home Depot.  Lowes Home Improvement Store carries everything to be in compliance with the covenants.  Mailbox is Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Large 8.7-in W x 10.9-in H Metal Post Mount Mailbox, this is Lowes Item # 807016 Model # E1600B00 and is $24.97.  The post is Top Choice Treated Wood, Item # 489040 Model # MBGT40C and is $24.98.  Color for the post is Desert Bisque and Lowes, Menards and Home Depot carry this color.  You can contact Eagle Management if you are having problems finding the numbers and they can get you a set of numbers for both sides for $10.00

The company that installed the original mailboxes when the community was built is Otto Street Scape Solutions and they can sell you the box, post, numbers and correct color, but the price for a mailbox, post, numbers on the box and painted to correct color is  $205.44 or they will install one for around $300.44  Their contact information is as follows:  Phone: 317-886-4400 or by email at just tell them you live in River Run HOA.

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National Night Out 2013

Powder River Court Park hosted the 2013 Event


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Community Children enjoying the event.


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