Architectural Control


The Declaration of Covenants, conditions and Restrictions covering your subdivision require that you request approval from the Association prior to doing any exterior modifications and/or additions to your home or property. The following are the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. Please read the guidelines before submitting your architectural request. Refer to your Covenants, Restrictions and Zoning Commitments of your subdivision for specific requirements. Some examples of modifications needing approval are: room additions, decks, porches, fences, changes of exterior colors of your home, storm doors, mini-barns, playground equipment, basketball goals, satellite dishes and major landscaping, etc. 1. No structure will be approved if it violates building setback lines or it encroaches on any easement shown on the Plat. 2. Offensive structures or landscaping that does not maintain the harmonious appearance of neighborhood, will not be approved. 3. Lots adjourning the common areas are subject to more restrictive rules and guidelines regarding improvements and changes such as fences, out-buildings, etc.. Approvals will be made on an individual basis. 4. Pools- above ground pools are not permitted. Swimming pools must have a f foot fence around the back yard. 5. Satellite Dish- The developer must approve placement of satellite dishes. Approved locations will be along the roof line of your home. Satellite dishes cannot exceed 24” in diameter. 6. Playground equipment- All playground equipment must be approved by the Board of Directors. Trampolines will not be approved, unless enclosed by a privacy fence. Portable basketball goals must be stored when not in use. Basketball goals must not obstruct the right of way or sidewalks (permanent or portable.) 7. Dog Kennels/Dog Houses- Galvanized animal kennels or quarters are not permitted. Dog kennels must be connected to your home. Dog houses must be primarily made of wood and must match the existing home. Metal and plastic dog houses are not acceptable. Dog houses must be located at a maximum of 3 feet from the rear of your home. 8. Fencing- Chain-link fencing must be black or green vinyl-coated; galvanized fencing will not be permitted. Fencing cannot exceed 6 feet in height. Stockade fencing will not be permitted. 9. Out-Buildings- Out buildings cannot exceed 120 square feet (10 x 12), and cannot exceed 10 feet in height. The siding and the roof color must match your existing home. All out-buildings must be primarily made of wood. Metal or plastic out-buildings are not acceptable. Out-buildings cannot be constructed in an easement. All out-buildings must follow side yard setback requirements and be at least 5’ from side and rear lot lines. Out-buildings on lake lots must be 3 feet from your home as to not obstruct the view of your neighbors. Carports are not acceptable. 10. A Boundary Survey must be submitted with all requests for Fencing & Out-Building projects. The survey received at closing is a mortgage survey and is not acceptable. ______________________________________________________________ PLEASE SEND ALL REQUESTS THROUGH THE OWNERS PORTAL AT:   If you have questions, please contact Eagle Property Solutions, LLC @ 317-614-7200 

Before You Begin

 Before you start any project on your property, you must get approval from the River Run HOA Board of Directors.  You can submit your request for project approval by completing the form below and submit it to the management company so they can forward it to the architectural control committee for review.  You can submit your request through the owners portal at